Sharps Training


 This course in Sharps breaks down the risks associated with handling sharps, the correct PPE to use with Sharps, and the correct methods of handling and disposal. It is designed to address the Health and Safety (Sharp Instruments in Healthcare) Regulations 2013, teaching you all you need to know for compliance and safety.

Targeted specifically at those working in the care sector, this CPD Accredited course provides the user with a printable certificate upon completion of the end-of-training test.

Learning Outcomes

In this course you will learn:

  • What is meant by the term ‘sharp’ and the associated risks.
  • How to handle and dispose of sharps to reduce the chance of injury and contamination.
  • Your responsibilities, and those of your colleagues, for the correct handling of sharps to prevent contamination and the spread of infection.

Course Contents

This course consists of two sections:

Section 1: what are sharps?

The term ‘sharps’ refers to medical equipment that is used, or is capable of, puncturing or cutting the skin. Examples may include needles, lancets or syringes. The first section of this course looks at the risks associated with handling sharps and how identified hazards can be reduced to a safe level.

Section 2: preventing the spread of infection

Section 2 focuses on processes for working safely with sharps that align with your employer’s risk assessments. It provides techniques for handling and disposing of sharps and implementing safe working practices and procedures.

About the Course


The Sharps Training course defines sharps as medical equipment that is used to puncture the skin. Once sharps, such as needles and lancets, have been used, they are considered medical waste, and present specific risks to those who handle them, such as bloodborne diseases and other infections. If not disposed of correctly, sharps may also endanger the general public, as they may be used outside of a hospital or care setting, such as for the management of diabetes.

Split into two focused sections, this course examines the risks associated with sharps and techniques to minimise them, followed by best-practice processes for the health and safety of employees who regularly work with sharps, including how to correctly dispose of such materials.

Available in 31 languages, the course takes around 20 minutes to complete.


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