School Trips for Organisers & Support


This course in School Trips is designed to teach organisers, support staff, and chaperones how to plan a school trip in the UK and abroad. It addresses residential trips, health and safety processes and protocols, and guidance for managing groups on the trip itself, to ensure compliance with the Children Act 1989, and the health and wellbeing of all.

Targeted at those working in education and childcare, this CPD Accredited course provides the user with a printable certificate upon completion of the end-of-training test.

Learning Outcomes

In this course you will learn:

  • The roles and responsibilities when taking students on residential trips in your home country or abroad.
  • Health and safety rules and regulations for school trips.
  • How to plan for a school trip.

Course Contents

This course consists of four sections:

Section 1: planning a school trip

Section 1 of this course introduces the main planning priorities when organising a school trip: where you are going, the purpose of the trip, and which transport method will get you there.

Section 2: health and safety on a school trip

Section 2 defines safeguarding and explains why it is important. It considers the levels of supervision that are necessary for different age groups, how to ensure the provision of first aid, and the steps to take in the event of an emergency.

Section 3: the trip

Section 3 examines your responsibilities during the trip, providing guidance on safety and supervision. This includes rules and behaviour, headcounts, rendez-vous points, badges, remote supervision, and the importance of good communication between organisers and pupils.

Section 4: residential trips and trips abroad

Section 4 considers the increased risks of taking children on longer trips that may be further away or include overnight stays. Here we consider the extra information that should be provided to pupils and their guardians, as well as further guidelines and documents to be considered for more complicated trips.

About the Course


The School Trips Training for Organisers & Support course is designed for those planning or helping out on school trips. It offers practical guidance on the considerations that should be made when organising or delivering school trips, whether in the UK or abroad.

Split into four detailed sections, the course explains the essential processes for planning a school trip that practically addresses the potential risks involved and how to minimise them. This includes methods of safeguarding through supervision and communication, as well as preparing the pupils and their families for what lies ahead.

Available in 31 languages, the course takes around 45 minutes to complete.


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