Noise Awareness Training


This online training course has been designed for employees who are frequently exposed to loud noises in the workplace. 

The course aims to give the user an understanding of the legislation surrounding noise at work, learn about who is responsible for the protection of their hearing, and know how noise can damage their ear and hearing.

Learning Outcomes

In this course you will learn:

  • The risks and hazards associated with exposure to noise, and the effects this can have on your body.
  • How noise is measured, and who is responsible for monitoring this and protecting your hearing.
  • The details of the Noise at Work Regulations, and your responsibilities towards compliance.


    Course Contents

    This course consists of three sections:

    Section 1: the ear

    The first section of this course explains how the ear and hearing works, how it might be damaged by exposure to loud or prolonged noise, and signs of hearing loss to look out for.

    Section 2: noise and responsibilities

    Section 2 focuses on the science of sound, including how it is measured, at what level it becomes damaging, and what actions to take should damage occur. It also considers hearing tests, noise limits, and who is responsible for your safety with regard to hearing.

    Section 3: hearing protection

    Section 3 discusses the types of hearing protection available and what they can do to minimise the risk of damage to your ears. It explores how to select your hearing protection, as well as maintenance checks you should perform to ensure it protects you fully.

    About the Course


    The Noise Awareness training course is designed for workers who are exposed to loud noise levels, but may also be useful in other situations where there is considerable exposure to prolonged noise.

    This course examines how the ear works in order to demonstrate how easily it can be damaged to permanently affect your hearing. It explains the levels at which sound can cause damage, the type of harm it can do, and the ways you can protect yourself with specialised equipment.

    Available in 31 languages, the course takes around 25 minutes to complete.


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