Mental Health Awareness Training for Managers


This online Mental Health Awareness Training for Managers course was designed for the use of managers in the workplace to increase awareness of mental health issues and illnesses.

 The CPD Accredited course can be completed in just 50 minutes and provides the user with a printable certificate upon completion of the end-of-training test.

Learning Outcomes

In this course you will learn:

  • The importance of talking about mental health for the reduction of stigma.
  • Common mental health conditions and the signs that someone might be struggling.
  • Strategies for coping with mental ill-health.
  • Where to go for extra help.


    Course Contents

    This course consists of five sections:

    Section 1: mental health awareness

    Section 1 provides an overview of mental health, the importance of training in this area, and how and why stigma surrounding mental health should be reduced. It explains how negative thought patterns can affect health and performance, and details common symptoms to look out for that someone is struggling with their mental health.

    Section 2: mental health problems

    The second part of this course presents information on common mental health conditions, such as depression, Anxiety, stress and loneliness, the signs and symptoms of each, and ways that they might be managed. It also looks at less understood mental illnesses and how they manifest, including bipolar and other personality disorders, phobias, and eating disorders.

    Section 3: wellbeing toolkit

    The wellbeing toolkit is designed to offer strategies and techniques for managing a variety of mental health conditions and their symptoms, depending on your needs. It explains how these activities and ideas might contribute to a wellbeing action pack, and why this is an important resource to develop within the workplace.

    Section 4: tips for management

    Section 4 explains the impact of poor mental health on the workplace as a whole, and the importance of providing a supportive working environment. It introduces the ‘mental health at work plan’ and how to use it to make adjustments that meet the needs of your staff.

    Section 5: external help

    The final section of this course provides external resources for learning more about mental ill-health and how to combat and prevent it, including books, magazines, websites, and more.

    About the Course


    The Mental Health Awareness for Managers training course is designed to present an overview of different types of mental ill-health and some basic techniques for managing mental health and promoting general psychological wellbeing. 

    Despite a quarter of people in the UK being diagnosed with a mental health disorder at some point in their lives and up to two third of people self-reporting mental health problems, there is still a stigma attached to discussions of mental health and the symptoms of mental ill-health that means people who are struggling do not always seek help.

    This course explains several common mental health conditions and signs that someone might be struggling with them, as well as practical techniques for the alleviation of symptoms and links to further resources, in order to make conversations about mental health more approachable and to build a culture of understanding. It includes a section about how you, as a manager or employer, can assist your staff in making adjustments that benefit their overall wellbeing.

    Available in 31 languages, the course takes around 50 minutes to complete.


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