Fire Warden (Marshal) Training


This Fire Warden Training course will help your designated staff members in gaining the knowledge to become a fully trained Fire Warden or Marshal but does not replace practical training. This online training course will help your organisation work towards compliance with the Fire Safety Order 2005.

Assigning a responsible person with the duties of a Fire Warden is a critical component in making sure that your organisation reaches satisfactory health and safety standards. It also demonstrates due diligence and commitment to implementing emergency fire procedures at work. 

This training course is divided into five different easy-to-digest sections, so that the user is able refer back to certain sections of the course if needed.

Learning Outcomes

In this course you will learn:

  • The different types of fire, how they start, and how they can be prevented.
  • What to do in the event of a fire, including types of fire safety equipment and evacuation.
  • Your duties and responsibilities as a fire warden.
  • The details of the Fire Safety Order 2005 and the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and your responsibilities towards compliance.


    Course Contents

    This course consists of five sections:

    Section 1: the nature of fire

    The first part of this course examines the nature of fire, the different types, what they need to burn and spread, and the dangers of smoke.

    Section 2: fire signage

    Different types of signs are used to alert you to different risks, dangers, and environments. Section 2 explains the categories of signs, as well as looking at examples of signs you might see in the workplace in order to help you identify risky situations and understand what to do in an emergency.

    Section 3: proactive duties

    Section 3 addresses a fire warden’s ‘proactive’ duties: the responsibilities they have towards fire prevention through preventative tasks, such as alarm and system maintenance and keeping up-to-date with risk assessments.

    Section 4: reactive duties

    Section 4 examines a fire warden’s ‘reactive’ duties: what they should do in the event of a fire drill or emergency. This includes processes for evacuation, as well as skills in clear communication and leadership in stressful and potentially dangerous situations.

    Section 5: fire extinguisher

    The final part of this course demonstrates how to select from the five types of fire extinguisher, as well as how to use fire blankets and when it is safe to light a fire and when it is not.

    About the Course


    The Fire Warden (Marshal) training course is designed to educate prospective fire wardens about the behaviour of fire and smoke so that they can react quickly in the event of an emergency and otherwise comply with UK regulations and promote fire safety in the workplace.

    The assignation of a fire warden or marshal is a legal requirement in the UK. Broken down into five sections, this course covers the essential information about how fires start and spread, the different classes of fire and how to extinguish them, how hazard signs can be identified and understood by the traffic light system, and procedures for coping in an emergency, including refreshers on the basics such as stop, drop and roll.

    Available in 31 languages, the course takes around 40 minutes to complete.


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