Emergency First Aid at Work Refresher Training


This online training course has been designed to refresh the user’s knowledge about the role of an emergency first-aider and their responsibilities. It is suitable for all levels of employees working in any industry.

The course aims to remind the user of their first aid duties in between their practical training. It will refresh their knowledge on how to assess a situation and circumstances to act safely & effectively in an emergency and how to administer CPR and use an AED.

Learning Outcomes

In this course you will learn:

  • The role and responsibilities of an emergency first aider.
  • How to assess an emergency situation and decide which actions to take.
  • How to perform CPR and use an AED.

Course Contents

This course consists of three sections:

Section 1: the primary survey

The primary survey is used to calmly assess a situation of an illness or accident in order to respond to immediate life-threatening conditions. This section includes the implementation of the acronym DR’s ABCD, what information to collect for the emergency services, how to perform CPR and rescue breaths, and how to control infection.

Section 2: the secondary survey

The purpose of the secondary survey is to find out what is wrong with the person you are treating, through communicating to ascertain symptoms, and looking for injuries. This section demonstrates how to do this and how to respond to what you find.

Section 3: first aid treatment

Section 3 will remind you of the first aid procedures you might be expected to perform in the workplace. This should build on your practical training, demonstrating responsibilities such as how to apply plasters and bandages, attend to someone who is choking or whose airway is restricted, and deal with other minor injuries and illnesses.

About the Course


The Emergency First Aid at Work Refresher Training course is designed to supplement your practical first aid training, rather than replace it. Here you will cover first aid procedures from the primary survey to treatment, including acronyms such as DR’s ABCD that will help you remember which actions to take in an emergency. DR’S ABCD stands for:

  • (D) Dangercheck whether it is safe to approach the casualty.
  • (R) Responseis the casualty alert and talking?
  • (S)Shout for help.
  • (A) Airwaysopen their airway if unresponsive.
  • (B) Breathinglook to see if they are breathing normally.
  • (C) CPR/circulationif not breathing, commence CPR, if breathing check for bleeding and put in the recovery position.
  • (D) If CPR is needed, a defibrillator should be used alongside it, if possible.

After refreshing your skills on assessing and identifying what is wrong with a casualty, you will be reminded of how to deal with emergencies that might be seen in the workplace, such as unconsciousness, cuts and burns, allergic reactions, and more.

Available in 31 languages, the course takes around 50 minutes to complete.


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