Driver Awareness Training


Over 15 million individuals drive themselves to work each day in England and Wales alone, and this is highly-likely the most dangerous part of their job. Anybody who drives as part of their job should be trained to understand the legal responsibilities involved in being a safe driver. 

This training course is designed for all employees who regularly drive as part of their job, and it teaches them simple actions that can make their journey’s safer, as well as other handy information, such as what to do if you break down or have an accident.

Learning Outcomes

In this course you will learn:

  • Techniques on how to drive safely, including in unfamiliar or difficult conditions.
  • What to do in the event of an accident or vehicle malfunction.
  • Your legal and safety responsibilities as a driver.

Course Contents

This course consists of five sections:

Section 1: responsibilities on the road

Section 1 breaks down the rules of responsibility for professional driving, including risk assessments, company policies, and legal restrictions and hazards such as mobile phone use while driving.

Section 2: safe driving

Section 2 considers ways of driving and how to drive safely, which includes information about stopping distances and a hazard awareness test. It also describes defensive driving and why you should apply it.

Section 3: making your journey safer

Section 3 explores driving conditions that might pose a risk to safety, and that you might not attempt outside of a work context, such as when you are feeling unwell, or during bad weather. It also considers driving unfamiliar vehicles and visiting unfamiliar places.

Section 4: making your vehicle safe

Section 4 explains vehicle safety and the checks you should complete before making any journey. As well as fuel and oil levels, this includes the position of the seats and mirrors, especially in a vehicle that is unknown to you.

Section 5: accidents and breakdowns

The final section of this course tells you what you need to do in the event of a road accident, and how to stay safe while collecting all the information you need. Appending this section is a printable collision report form.

About the Course


The online Driver Awareness training course is designed to promote awareness of your surroundings when driving for work. Through this it aims to reduce the 200 road deaths and injuries that occur each week among people who drive as part of their job.

Broken down into five sections, this course covers your responsibilities on the road, driving safely, making your journey safe, ensuring your vehicle is safe, and what to do in an accident or breakdown. While intended for professional drivers and people who frequently travel off site for work, this course is suitable for all drivers who want to refresh their knowledge of road safety.

Available in 31 languages, the course takes around 50 minutes to complete.


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