Cyber Security Awareness Training


This online training course should be used by all employees within an organisation. It offers straightforward practical steps that will help to protect an organisation from cyber attacks. 

The course aims to help the user understand how security breaches can occur, what to do to prevent cyber attacks, and how to identify security weaknesses and strengthen them.

Learning Outcomes

In this course you will learn:

  • What a cyber attack is and the effects it can have.
  • The ways you can work to prevent cyber attacks.
  • Where weaknesses in cyber security are likely to occur, and ways in which they can be strengthened.

Course Contents

This course consists of three sections:

Section 1: cyber security overview

Section 1 discusses the most common gaps in cyber security and how cyber criminals could take advantage of these to cause a breach. It provides actionable advice for how to make it more difficult for such breaches to occur.

Section 2: what you can do

Section 2 explains the types of malicious software that can breach a security system through your internet activity, focusing specifically on email, passwords, and accessing certain websites and social media networks.

Section 3: security breaches

Section 3 concentrates on security maintenance by remaining vigilant and reporting any suspicious activity. It also explains what to do in the event of a breach and how an organisation might recover.

About the Course


The Cyber Security Awareness training course highlights the need for everyone to take responsibility for their organisation’s cyber-security. With over half of businesses reporting some level of data breach each year, it is essential for employees to be aware of how their activity online can put a company system at risk.

This course breaks down the actionable techniques for identifying weaknesses in cyber security and the steps to take to protect computers, networks and digital data. These actions ensure both legal compliance and peace of mind.

Available in 31 languages, the course takes around 35 minutes to complete.


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