COSHH Training


This training course was designed with all levels of employees in mind and covers all the information necessary to keep the user and their colleagues safe from substances that may be potentially harmful to their health.

Seeing as hazardous substances account for around 650,000 deaths every year, it is crucial that any employee who works with chemicals (even household chemicals like bleach) understand their responsibilities under COSHH Regulations and how to reduce the chances of an incident occurring.

Learning Outcomes

In this course you will learn:

  • The details of Control of Substances Hazardous to Health, including the types of hazard you may encounter.
  • To identify hazard symbols and what they mean.
  • The six steps for controlling health and safety risks relating to hazardous substances.

Course Contents

This course consists of three sections:

Section 1: hazardous substances, coming into contact with them and the effects of exposure

Section 1 examines many of the harmful substances covered by COSHH, the risks they pose upon exposure, and how to handle them safely.

Section 2: hazard symbols

Section 2 looks at the Globally Harmonised System that is used globally to alert people to hazards. The system involves a synchronised set of hazard symbols that you will learn for hazard identification, and requires all manufacturers of chemicals to appropriately label all hazardous substances to its agreed standards.

Section 3: 6 simple steps

Section 3 details the six steps you should take in the event of an accident or emergency relating to hazardous substances. This section also includes ways you and your organisation can minimise the risks of hazardous substances to a safe level.

About the Course


Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) training is a legal requirement dictated by HSE. This course includes all the information you need to identify hazardous substances and their specific risks, as well as advice for how to reduce chemical hazards to a safe level.

Broken down into three sections relevant across a range of industries, the COSHH training course explains what hazardous substances are and how they should be labelled worldwide as part of the Globally Harmonised System. Finally, it includes specific instructions for what to do in case of an emergency. 

Available in 31 languages, the course takes around 25 minutes to complete.


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