Bomb Threats and Suspicious Packages Training


This online training course is designed for the use of all employees. It explains to the user that it is essential to remain alerted to the possibility of terrorism in the workplace. 

The course, which is broken down into two sections, covers how to react to a telephone bomb threat and what information should be collected for the police, how to recognise a suspicious package, and how to evacuate your workplace in a dangerous situation.

Learning Outcomes

In this course you will learn:

  • How to recognise suspicious activity relating to bomb threats, as well as packages that may contain explosives.
  • How to respond to bomb threats over the phone or via other technological communication.
  • How to evacuate your workplace safely.

Course Contents

This course consists of two sections:

Section 1: identifying risk

The first part of this course explains what to do in the event of a bomb threat or the identification of a suspicious package. This includes what information should be collected, signs that a package might be dangerous, and what to do in either of these situations.

Section 2: evacuation and searches

The second part of this course presents the procedures for evacuating the building, where people should and should not gather, and whether evacuation is appropriate to the situation. It also explains the process of searching and who should undertake this action.

About the Course


The Bomb threats and Suspicious Packages training course is designed for all employees, to raise awareness of terrorism risks, how to identify suspicious activity or packages, and what to do in the event of a bomb threat.

Broken down into two sections, this course first explains how to identify risk, including what information should be collected for the police and signs that an unmarked package might contain dangerous substances. The second part discusses evacuation processes and how to determine whether this is the safest course of action.

Available in 31 languages, the course takes around 30 minutes to complete.


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