Asbestos Awareness Training


This training course was designed for workers who may potentially come into contact with asbestos whilst at work. The course informs the user of what asbestos is, where it might be found, and what it’s used for; and why it’s dangerous. 

Employers have a legal responsibility to ensure that their staff know where asbestos and related materials are likely to be found, how to avoid the risk of exposure and to provide the necessary PPE to keep the worker safe.

Learning Outcomes

In this course you will learn:

  • What asbestos is and why it is dangerous.
  • How to recognise and respond to the discovery or disturbance of asbestos.
  • How to reduce the risks of asbestos in the workplace.

Course Contents

This course consists of two sections:

Section 1: asbestos awareness

Section 1 examines what asbestos is, why it is dangerous, and how to recognise it. This includes who is at risk from asbestos, and the history of asbestos, how it has been used, and other minerals that contain it.

Section 2: practical steps

Drawing on Asbestos Management Plans and case studies, section 2 offers practical guidance on how to minimise the risk of asbestos and what to do if you find or disturb it.

About the Course


This Asbestos Awareness training course provides a comprehensive overview of asbestos and how to recognise it in order to minimise the dangers it presents. The history of asbestos reveals that it has been used for years in construction because of its durability and effectiveness as insulation, but we now know that when broken down and inhaled it can lead to many potentially fatal diseases, such as asbestosis and lung cancer. 

Broken down into two sections, this course first explains what asbestos is, its risk factors, and where it might be found. It then goes on to offer actionable advice for reducing the risk of asbestos-related illness, and explains what to do if asbestos is discovered or disturbed at work.

Available in 31 languages, the course takes around 35 minutes to complete.


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