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From learning and development, health and safety, through to compliance and auditing, Papaya enables businesses to streamline and enhance internal procedures for training and reporting, all via a single platform
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What is Papaya software?

Papayais the cloud-based management information software designed to help facilitate and consolidate cumbersome business processes, often working with businesses operating in some of the most heavily-regulated industries in the marketplace. 

Primarily a system to record and manage all of your training and learning requirements,Papaya can identify and schedule appropriate inductions, courses and assessments for individuals as well as measure business-wide compliance in preparation for an audit. Accuracy and accessibility of data is key in all working environments, ensuring consistency and ownership across teams.  

Complete with personal log-in, it lets your people self-serve, allowing individuals to take control of their own training and compliance every day. 

Papaya Dashboard

A single dashboard – providing one overall view – Papaya  allows you to access, track and report on the business-critical processes associated with training and compliance across your organisation.  

Available anywhere, anytime and on any device. 

We’ve created a platform and interface that’s as intuitive as it is easy to navigate.  You can take our word for it, but we’d love to show you in person.


Safety manages the complex requirements of health & safety across a business, including incident & accident and risk assessments. The system allows you to track and deliver safety training requirements, record safety documents, track control measures and complete safety audits, all of which can be stored, managed and accessed centrally. 


Contractor provides a completely automated and paperless process for approving contractor companies, renewal and storage of insurance documentation, training certificates etc.  Contractor site inductions can also be conducted on line prior to arrival on site.  Permits to work can also be generated and managed via miContractor.


Audit plans, schedules and completes in-house audits to ensure business processes and procedures are delivering maximum efficiency. 

Keep on top of your audits, they’re vital. 

Business Benefits

Analysis at your fingertips, that has to be healthy. 

Ease of Use

Simplified in-house audit management

No data headaches

Facilitates large-scale data collection

Fingertip reporting

Measures performance of current processes

Flag waving

Alerts need for change to increase efficiency

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Non-Discrimination Policy

Papaya is committed to a work environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Each individual has the right to work in a professional atmosphere that promotes equal employment opportunities and prohibits unlawful discriminatory practices, including harassment. Therefore, Papaya expects that all relationships among persons in the office will be business-like and free of explicit bias, prejudice and harassment.  Read our full policy here.