What is the Papaya Platform?

Our real-time Papaya platform enables businesses to streamline and enhance internal procedures for training and reporting. Often working with businesses operating in some of the most heavily regulated industries in the marketplace. Primarily a system to record and manage all of your training and learning requirements, Papaya can identify and schedule appropriate inductions, courses and assessments for individuals as well as measure business-wide compliance in preparation for an audit. Accuracy and accessibility of data is key in all working environments, ensuring consistency and ownership across teams.

My Training

Build your own learning content – With hundreds of courses to choose from and manage from your personally branded platform, our service allows you to completely customise the learning programme that suits your clients, employees and business.

Assign E-Learning by job role, department or company – Easily categorise your workforce into roles, teams and departments so you can schedule inductions and training, and track progress and compliance across your business.

Individual log in details – Each user has access to their own my training section, making it easy for employees to understand and track their progress without being able to see unnecessary or confidential information.

Mi Safety

Safety manages the complex requirements of health & safety across a business, including incident & accident and risk assessments. The system allows you to track and deliver safety training requirements, record safety documents, track control measures and complete safety audits, all of which can be stored, managed and accessed centrally. 

Mi Contractors 

Contractor provides a completely automated and paperless process for approving contractor companies, renewal and storage of insurance documentation, training certificates etc.  Contractor site inductions can also be conducted online prior to arrival on site.  Permits to work can also be generated and managed via Mi Contractor.

Mi Audit

Audits can be easily planned for and managed within the system. You can upload or import your audit plans and documents, schedule audits, assign related tasks, and measure compliance across your business to ensure all regulations are met and the necessary records are safe and available when you need them.