Orchard House Foods

We recently sat down with Orchard House Foods Training Manager Stacy Cantwell to discuss how the Papaya Portal has helped her to manage compliance and training.

“Orchard House Foods was established in 1984 and was the first company to commercialise orange juice in the UK, and introduce freshly squeezed to the high street. Today they continue to thrive constantly innovating and exploring new ways to maximise the freshness, taste and quality of their fruit.

Looking at their freshly squeezed orange juice, the production process sees  whole fruit to sealed in a bottle in just two hours. Giving the fullest flavour and most vibrant colour, because they work so fresh.  Waste is minimised by giving almost all fruit a second life as shreds, zests and other by-products.

We caught up with Stacy Cantwell, Orchard House Foods Learning and Development Manager to find out how Papaya helps them stay fresh and maximise their training.

Stacy inherited the papaya system during an acquisition but explained she was happy to continue to work with Papaya despite not having personally used the system in the past as she had heard of Papaya through The National Skills for Food and Drink Association and other colleagues in the industry as it is a well-known training and compliance product in the food manufacturing sector.

One of the biggest challenges that Papaya has enabled Stacy to overcome is managing employees training efficiently. By being able to see the rate of compliance she is able to easily arrange training to be completed and because the dashboard enables her to see any retraining she can allocate this to the employee to complete before it expires meaning there are no periods where the employee is potentially not trained. Stacey explains “Our industry has so much training that needs to be completed and then retrained at different times, it can be a lot to manage, however Papaya has helped my department to easily manage all aspects of the  Training Compliance Life Cycle ”

When asked what feature of the Papaya Compliance Portal was most appealing, Stacy advised “I like the dashboard and the simplicity of the Portal as a whole. Most of the other external systems available  are clunky and difficult to navigate. Papaya is very clean, and I can get results and answers quickly”

We then spoke to Stacy about both internal and external audits and how she  finds these now since having the Papaya portal compared to other applications she had used. Stacy now uses Papaya for every Audit and advised she wouldn’t be able to get through BCR audits or any other type of audit she is responsible for  without the system.

“Being able to pull employee training records and data at the click of a button is a game changer!”