MM Flowers 

We recently sat down with MM Flowers training manager Sebastian Fijalkowski discuss how the Papaya Portal has provide him with greater visibility of their training and compliance.

MM Flowers was established in 2007 to provide the leading UK retailers with a transparent, sustainable, and innovative interface between the grower and the retailer. MM Flowers has grown into a large enterprise sourcing globally and serving the best of UK and European retail, currently they employ around 700 people and are looking to continue to grow.

Speaking to MM Flowers training manager Sebastian Fijalkowski we discussed how Papaya has helped him manage the companies training and compliance. Sebastian was first introduced to Papaya at a previous company where it was introduced by a Health and Safety professional to help them manage compliance and incident and accident reporting and has now been using the Papaya Portal for over 4 years.

Prior to Papaya, Sebastian had been using an excel based training matrix that wasn’t fault-proof. Hyperlinks, formulas & formatting meant that it kept getting messy and also allowed for a lot of errors. Papaya has allowed him to set standardised skill-sets and provide him with visibility of training gaps as well as compliance levels. Sebastian also said the system has made it so much quicker to collate reports and KPI’s which has saved him a lot of valuable time.

We asked Sebastian, “ on top of the training side of the Portal what other feature was beneficial to the business”. Sebastian advised that in addition to the visibility of training and compliance, and the ability to run various reports it would be the fact that the system also provides a Health and Safety add-on, so all incidents and accidents can be reported on from within the same system. “The fact that the system allows us to report incidents and accidents is great, but the fact that once that incident or accident is reported the system automatically pulls all training records and relevant documents and information into one incident report is incredible”

Discussing audits and how managing these has been during the years using Papaya, Sebastian advised “that dealing with Audits is far easier with the system as everything is so easy to see and the information and files needed can be downloaded from any device at the click of a button. The effectiveness is definitely something that Auditors are noticing when they come on-site”