Learning and development. Auditing and paper-trails. Recording and reporting.  A single view of the most important part of your business. Your people.

mi Platform is the cloud-based management information software designed to help facilitate and consolidate cumbersome business processes, often working with businesses operating in some of the most heavily-regulated industries in the marketplace.

Primarily a system to record and manage all of your training and learning requirements, mi Platform can identify and schedule appropriate inductions, courses and assessments for individuals as well as measure business-wide compliance in preparation for an audit. Accuracy and accessibility of data is key in all working environments, ensuring consistency and ownership across teams.

And complete with mi Area personal log-in, it lets your people self-serve, allowing individuals to take control of their own training and compliance every day.

A single dashboard – providing one overall view – mi Platform allows you to access, track and report on the business-critical processes associated with training and compliance across your organisation.

Available anywhere, anytime and on any device.

And here’s the detail

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It’s power to you – it’s your house, and it’s in order.

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