Kinnerton Confectionery

We recently sat down with Kinnertons training coordinator Paul Belton to discuss how the Papaya Portal has helped him to streamline processes, manage compliance and training.

Kinnerton is no ordinary brand – it was the first brand to offer character chocolate in the UK, back in 1978. Starting with just a desk, a very second-hand Ford Cortina and a type-writer, Kinnerton Confectionery founders, Andrew Sellers and Clive Beecham, had the idea of making chocolates depicting the nation’s children’s favourite characters. Today Kinnerton is owned by the Zertus Group which has sites across the UK & Europe, Kinnerton is the 4th largest chocolate manufacturer in the UK and employs more than 400 people.

Paul was first introduced to the Papaya Portal whilst working for a previous company where it was implemented across the group, he has now been using the Papaya Portal for over 6 years for training, audit and health and safety requirements allowing him to easily gather all the information he needs for senior management.

Prior to Papaya, Paul used excel spreadsheets to manage everything how this allowed for potential human error, using multiple formulas also meant that on numerous occasions incorrect data was returned or information was missing from being entered incorrectly. Using this method also meant having lots of paper sign-offs and no refresher dates on training which created lots of work checking staff files to ensure all training was correct and updated. Paul then used a system prior to Papaya which he explains was very difficult to use and the setup was not right for the business, Managers were required to look too deep into the system to find the information required and it was not readily available. The system required constant checking and changing to ensure it was correct.

Papaya was then introduced to Kinnerton and Paul explained to us “when discussing new training platforms with Kinnerton it was very easy to show senior managers how easy Papaya is to use and the visual content with the traffic light system is great and being able to click on the Red, Amber, or green to show the compliances, reviews and non-compliances is very useful to save time and resource. Everything is at the click of a button, and you don’t have to go searching for information that is buried deep within the software.”

One of the biggest challenges that Paul has been able to overcome with the help of the Papaya Portal is managing audits and training schedules. The online training for staff appeals greatly as the need for paper and storage is taken away, the use of the internet rather than a company login is very helpful and this allows managers to log in from anywhere and see how their staff and business is doing with training & compliance. Using Papaya has allowed Paul to make the site training easier to deliver and more manageable.

Paul recently had a BRC Audit and tells us “using Papaya has made my personal experience great since using the system I have only spent 5 minutes or less with an auditor to demonstrate compliance. The most recent BRC audit I had the auditor was very complimentary of Papaya and the way in which I demonstrated the training and said, it was in the top 3 of systems that he had ever seen”