GTS – Gateway Transport Services

We recently sat down with Gateway Transport Services Managing Director John Smith to discuss how the Papaya Portal has provided him an instant overview of his business compliance and given him complete peace of mind. 

To find out how GTS used Papaya to streamline their processes to better manage their logistics. We sat down with their MD John Smith to get his perspective on Papaya and how they have implemented it into their business processes at GTS

GTS is an established family-run recruitment specialist within the transport industry and has been operating since 2011, they supply both small and worldwide haulage companies with experienced and high-standard LGV drivers. They supply HGV and LGV driving support to some of the country’s most prominent logistics operations and offer 24/7 support 365 days a year to both clients and drivers alike.

In the early stages of their business, like many, they started out using paper-based training methods and incorporating spreadsheets to track individual training and compliance records, John explains that this was not only time-consuming searching through files for information but also lead to errors in the data. For the last two years, GTS has been working with the Papaya Portal to help them streamline their processes and manage their driver’s compliance.

GTS has been taking on more and more drivers and also providing more industry training to individuals to help fill the gap in the market, especially more recently due to the driver shortage, we asked how Papaya has helped them to do this. “Papaya provides us with an instant overview of an individuals training record and where they need further training to be provided The system also makes it extremely easy to allocate the relevant training to the individual at the click of a button, we are also able to set up our own review parameters so we can easily keep on top of refresher training before it expires. Having the Papaya system has dramatically reduced the time spent collating training records, it also provides us complete transparency, and it clearly outlines where we need to focus our energies.”

One of the most appealing features for John was the dashboard and having an instant overview of his business, people and compliance, he is able to log in anytime from anywhere and check how his business is performing without having to pull multiple reports or access multiple logins.