Got a question about Papaya? Here’s the answer. We’ve put together some of the most commonly asked questions we receive about Papaya. We understand there is no one size fits all and always tailor our software to individual businesses so if you need anything further please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Our software brings together compliance and learning empowering businesses to capture, track, assign, upload, report and document all mandatory and non-mandatory training requirements in one easy to use traffic light dashboard format.

Streamlined to your database of employees, teams and individuals to monitor KPIs and actions as they happen. Providing instant access to training records, dates and evidence and a complete organisational snap-shot of your compliance status. Oh, and we also throw in our E-learning module with access to over 120 iHASCO accredited on-line courses.

We developed Papaya for the food manufacturing industry. Today our software is used by a wide range of businesses in the food, manufacturing and distribution sectors. Some like Hotel Chocolat and Turners you may be familiar with. Whether they’re a global or regional brand they all have one thing in common they take compliance and learning very seriously. And they’re very happy with how Papaya has added value to their business by saving time and money. Empowering businesses and people.

Like all good things, the idea for Papaya came about knowing that there must be an easier more productive way to manage compliance. Having worked in the food industry for several decades, our founder Nick Edwards, had first-hand experience of managing compliance. Frustrated by the many spreadsheets required to get audit ready he knew there must be a more business friendly way to get on top of compliance. And so, Papaya was created. Enhanced over the years by the input and ideas of every business we work with. Today we’re partner with a wide range of forward thinking international and national companies.

We’ve designed our dashboard to give businesses peace of mind.

Our real-time traffic light system gives immediate oversight of workforce training requirements and compliance status. Providing clear visibility of records. Empowering managers to track user/department/team’s training progress and identify when new training is required. Enabling to create and export reports on all data.

We know every organisation is different and so we offer the option to tailor each dashboard to individual business measuring metrics. So, there you go all your compliance and learning details in one easier to read space. See what we mean about making things easy.

Papaya has been designed to be accessible and convenient to use. As you’d expect, Papaya works across all mainstream devices; desktops, laptop, iPad and phone with a straight forward single sign on. It is browser based enabling 24/7 access. Can we make compliance and learning easy – yes, we can.

Yes. We’re often contacted by employers looking for a responsive learning management system that works for new and existing staff.

Papaya’s learning portal motivates people and businesses in many ways.

  • By synching training seamlessly with compliance requirements.
  • Giving employees access to a diverse range of E-learning.
  • Bespoke employee training dashboard
  • Individual login and personalised content
  • Auto assign training need by job role, department or group structure.
  • Design your own training courses
  • View training activity to monitor progress
  • Bulk or individual digital sign off
  • Download learning materials & certificate

We offer integrated access to over 120 high quality accredited training courses.

From compliance to personal development our extensive on-line library includes: Health & Safety, HR Compliance, Business Compliance, Project Management, Speaking Confidently, Mindfulness and Problem Solving

Absolutely. Papaya supports all;

  • major video file types mp4, m4v, mpg, avi,ogg
  • major text files pdf, xls, ppt, pps, doc
  • major audio files 3gp, mp3

Now you’re getting technical but yes rest assured it absolutely it is.

Papaya has been designed to work with SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) because it is the international standard for e-learning.

For those not familiar with SCORM there are quite a few user benefits to its format including:

  • compatibility
  • saving progress

Good question. We want every training module Papaya offers to be of a high accredited standard to benefit employers and employees. That’s why we teamed up with leading on-line training provider IHASCO and the National Skills Academy for Food & Drink to offer over 120 E-learning industry recognised courses. They are the experts in their field and provide the following assurances;

  • Many courses are independently audited by at least one recognised authority, providing confirmation of the accuracy of our content.
  • Some authorities go beyond accreditation and help shape the content of courses to ensure the best possible learning experience.

We tailor costs to the individual needs and requirements of each business we work with. We’d love to find out how we can help you with your compliance and learning please get in touch to find out more.