As well as all this, there is an ever-growing suite of add-on applications that you can purchase separately:

Freeing up time and allowing you to focus on your business and your bottom line, our applications have been designed to help you support your people, and in turn enable excellence in the delivery of the services you provide. These bolt-on applications are available should you require additional functionality with the platform, creating your unique business, learning and people management tool.

mi Audit

mi Audit plans, schedules and completes in-house audits to ensure business processes and procedures are delivering maximum efficiency.


Create the perfect audit exactly as you want it.

Take it away with you, it still works, even when its offline.

And if you need to refer back, it’s all here.

Keep on top of your audits, they’re vital.

Business Benefits

Ease of Use: Simplified in-house audit management

No data headaches: Facilitates large-scale data collection

Fingertip reporting: Measures performance of current processes

Flag waving: Alerts need for change to increase efficiency

mi Contractor

mi Contractor centrally manages the employment of contractors and temporary workers on an individual or company basis and ensures they remain compliant and fit for work.


Allow your contractors to self-manage with individual dashboards.

Total visibility of your contractor workforce.

The day-to-day contractor essentials.

It happens somewhere different, record it here still.

All the information to ensure contractor compliance.

Business Benefits

We see you: Provides total visibility of contractors

Straight and narrow: Ensures worker compliance

End-to-end: Manages training from induction onwards

Starters’ orders: Effective from pre-employment

mi Health

mi Health conducts, records and manages your occupational health requirements including audiometry, spirometry, forklift truck and nightworker assessments.


Occupational health, you need to know where you’re at.

Create your templates for individual assessments, they can be personal.

And then store them all in one place for easy reference.

Analysis at your fingertips, that has to be healthy.

Business Benefits

One hub: Centralised resource for occupational health

Get personal: Create your own bespoke assessments

Keep on moving: Link to eLearning modules

Listen up: Automatic flags to ensure increased levels of compliance

mi Safety

mi Safety manages the complex requirements of health & safety across a business, including incident & accident, COSHH, plant monitoring and risk assessments. The system allows you to track and deliver safety training requirements, record safety documents, track control measures and complete safety audits, all of which can be stored, managed and accessed centrally.


Lots of things just happen, keep track of them here.

Inspections, sampling and surveys, make a record.

Manage your risks before they manage you.

Do you know where you’re at with your PPE & workwear?

All the data you need safely in one place.

Business Benefits

Keep it simple: Single resource for safety management

Lifelong learning: Link to eLearning modules

On the pulse: Visual reporting

Measured: Complete with PPE tracker