Learning and Development

To cover the benefits of the mi Platform learning and development tool we shouldn’t just look at what it is, we should look at why it is. Why it’s necessary and why it will help your business.

As the economic climate, industry and technology change, so do the needs of your customers and your business. The most successful organisations not only realise that they must continually adapt, they predict changes that will have to be made, where skills gaps should be filled and which people should be invested in. They then prepare in advance.

This, on paper, sounds like common sense and almost simplistic. In a medium to large business which merges a host of roles, tasks and employees to fulfil them, it can be anything but. For a HR team to merge data regarding all employees, skillsets and qualifications, their career paths and training needed, it’s a minefield. That doesn’t include making sure it’s continually updated.


Hello Learning and Development!

Enter the Learning and Development module; a sole-solution tool for all business training requirements. A one-stop-shop for employee and business development. It streamlines all of your training and development needs into one robust, efficient application.

With access to this tool, any person in the business can get a full understanding of your training situation and needs. This is data ownership at its best. Everything is captured. Everything is actionable.

The organisation chart gives you a broad view of who is in the business at any given time. But not only who sits in each department, but what skills exist. As a top level viewpoint, this allows you to immediately assess if any departments have a skills deficit or are unequally balanced in favour of a particular resource.

It can also show which teams are taking most advantage of the training available and which don’t seem to utilise the opportunity. Allowing you to consider workload, morale, leadership or simply investing more time into documenting the benefits of learning in that particular area.

Using this facility, you can also quickly note company-wide skills gaps or any training which would need to be introduced to allow for new business strategies. If health and safety is predominant in your industry, the application can also make sure that you are immediately made aware when new organisational training must take place.


Seeing the detail

The next helpful function is a full database of employees, allowing you to look at individual people. You can see the training they have undertaken, booked in for and what’s on their wish list. This helps the individual and the manager to plot their career path and also ensure that any training updates are completed in a timely fashion.

For companies which hire temporary staff, all qualifications and training that contractors have participated in is then easily visible. It is also possible to add training that has been completed offline.

Being able to view all courses that are available is also a great function which offers a worthwhile overview, allowing all skills gaps to be viewed. You can also view the courses which are most and least popular and the same for training formats. Perhaps this data will demonstrate that you have a team of people who prefer to learn online or some who love to get away from their desks.


Planning ahead

The action planner is where all of this comes together. It allows key courses and training dates to be listed and ensures that everyone has a full understanding of what training they need to undertake on which day. It also provides reminders as, let’s face it, most people are too busy working on their usual jobs, to keep track of anything else.

As with every other area of this system, this has a variety of different layers available, right through from senior leaders easily seeing what training the whole company may need to conscientious individuals who want to keep up to date.

Reports can be accessed at any time to show which training has been undertaken and by which employees. This can provide data showing if training has been commenced by any team member but not completed, and also if any training standards were not met by certain people and need to be taken again.

In a compliance led environment, this is essential to ensure that only the correctly-qualified individuals are working in certain area of the business. In an industry where seasonal fluctuations are also very prominent, it means that teams of employees can be moved from one task to another with a simple check of the system to ensure that everyone has had the training to do so.

The application is also invaluable for new starters. Making sure that each new arrival undertakes every piece of training deemed necessary to understand the business and complete their role.

Available on any device you choose, in the office or remote, with a variety of security access levels, it truly is your whole world of training and development stored smartly at your fingertips.

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