Papaya - The Compliance Portal


Papaya is a cloud-based real-time training and compliance portal that ensures your company is defining, tracking and fulfilling its governance, risk management and compliance reporting for the people and contractors you employ

Papaya will help to ensure you meet your audit requirements

The Compliance Difference


Don’t just train!  Ensure your training is meeting the compliance requirements for the processes and equipment you deploy.  Clearly understand what training has been provided for incidents that may occur in your workplace. Automatically notify colleagues of  issues that need to be addressed.

Comprehensive Dashboards


Quick visualisation of your people compliance is achieved through our extensive reporting engine or graphically through our  compliance dashboards. Users can “drill down” into the dashboard data to review and better understand the component information.

Visually and quickly track, green “ we are good to go”, amber “there are issues that need reviewing” or red, “something needs your immediate attention”

If training needs to be provided, or “it happened” because training had not been provided –  you will know, in real-time!

Papaya Compliance Modules

Risk, Safety, Audit and Contractor modules are all linked to the People, Training and Compliance modules so you get to not only manage specific issues but they are also linked to “when was training provided” and are we fully compliant.

Papaya – The Compliance Portal

More than just a Training Portal


Through a series of linked, configurable modules, an extensive compliance engine and comprehensive reporting, we enable businesses to define, streamline and enhance internal procedures for the training, compliance reporting and governance they need to fulfil for the people and contractors they employ.

The portal allows businesses to create and track compliance units relevant to their unique company needs and provides full visibility of this information. Users can define and use their own training materials or utilise one of the many courses within our E-learning library.

Access levels can be applied ensuring that team members see only the information they need for the areas and teams they manage promoting both ownership and accountability. 

Follow up action planning and monitoring for each module ensures that as key issues arise, those who are specifically tasked with responding are notified in a timely manner.

Further modules cover audits, safety (incident reporting and investigation), risk assessments, contractor approval and induction, providing a highly configurable people, contractor, compliance and governance solution. 

Comprehensive Dashboards

Quick visualisation of your people compliance is achieved through our extensive compliance dashboards. A RAG control system enables you to quickly see what needs your attention with interactive dashboards that allow you to quickly examine the underlying data.

Compliance Modules

The Papaya Portal extends beyond “just” training with a number of modules that cover many of the other associated compliance areas you are having to manage as part of your company’s “people compliance and governance”. Each module links people, compliance dashboards, action planning and reporting in one tightly integrated People Compliance Portal.

Not Just Another Training Portal

We are not just another online training portal! Papaya links your people training and management to a comprehensive compliance engine that is monitoring and reporting in real-time on your people compliance, ensuring good governance of the people in your workplaces. Extensive reporting ensures your compliance data is just a click away!