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Papaya’s real-time compliance platform


Our real-time Papaya Platform enables businesses to streamline and enhance internal procedures for training and reporting. From learning and development, health and safety, through to compliance and auditing, the clever and easy-to-read dashboard shows you what you need to know, exactly when you need to know it.

The system will identify and schedule appropriate inductions, courses, and assessments for employees as well as measure companywide compliance in preparation for an audit.

Ensuring compliance is met across your organisation, all via a single platform.

Cloud-based management system

Running the Papaya platform from the cloud means that it is available at all times from any location, for anyone to whom you grant access. This is not only flexible to the needs of your team, allowing for scalability as your business grows and changes, but also offers unique opportunities for collaboration, while ensuring all your data is safe in one place and backed up in real-time.

Build your own learning content

With hundreds of courses to choose from and manage from your personally-branded platform, our service allows you to completely customise the learning programme that suits your clients, employees, and business.

Upload your own documents

The Papaya platform is not limited to the courses we offer. The platform has space for you to upload your own learning tools, including information packs, worksheets, slideshows and more, allowing you to support your employees with your own expertise.

Measure company-wide compliance

Audits can be easily planned for and managed within the system. You can upload or import your audit plans and documents, schedule audits, assign related tasks, and measure compliance across your business to ensure all regulations are met and the necessary records are safe and available when you need them.

Instant access to training information

The clean and navigable dashboard delivers reports at-a-glance, and allows for the instant access of dates, resources, records, and certificates of all employees as their progress is updated.

Real-time reporting

Hosted online, the Papaya platform works in real time to ensure that your information is always up-to-date and ready to use. This business intelligence feature allows for instant resource sharing and up-to-the-second monitoring and tracking, for the direct support of all employees.

Assign E-Learning by job role, department or company

Easily categorise your workforce into roles, teams, and departments so you can schedule inductions and training, and track progress and compliance across your business.

Individual log in details

Each employee has access to their own personal dashboard, making it easy for them to understand and track their progress without being able to see unnecessary or confidential information. This includes access to job role and group categories, for enhanced collaborative learning

Implementation support

The Papaya platform has been designed with ease-of-use in mind, but if you have any questions or concerns, our friendly support team are available to find a solution.

Papaya E-Learning

Our wide range of creatively-designed courses provide all the information you need to earn accredited qualifications in first aid, security, and health and safety. Take a look at our course library to start building your unique skills development programme today.