In any heavily regulated industry or business, the efficient management of health and safety is absolutely paramount for employees, customers and the bottom line.

Papaya’s mi Platform documents, measures and delivers all of the components of health and safety for your business on one easily-manageable, robust, slick platform; accessible from all of your mobile devices.

It centralises all information; allowing various levels of access on your command. This means there is one point of information and reference; streamlining operations and totally minimizing room for error.

Further applications can be bolted on to make a tailor-made dashboard, accessible on any hand-held device.

Let’s break down some of the different applications and functions and look at the health and safety benefits that they deliver.

Mi Platform

The Platform’s control panel gives an exact bird’s-eye view of your company organisation chart and an up-to-date employee database. If you operate in an industry with a large percentage of contractors, seasonal or remote workers you will be familiar with the important, but often laborious, task of knowing exactly who is where and completing what role.

The database also drills down to each individual person, showing whether they have completed their health and safety training for that area, are due a refresher course and have read and signed any necessary contracts.

It also reports what they are qualified to do and their personal development plan so that you can predict their skillset for future projects. If any further training, refresher courses or assessments are due, the system flags them up to whomever you specify. This could be the employee themselves which allows them to take ownership, but also the line manager in charge of their compliance.

This is an excellent, time-relieving functionality which means that no employee misses out on top-up courses or meeting the latest legal requirements. etc.

Any training required can be booked online by managers or employees who can access induction, course and assessment information once they are logged in. Regular, real-time reports are then generated which measure and track compliance and can provide a great overview for senior managers. This removes the need to contact HR with lists of questions and queries and means that employees can self-serve information from one central, reliable source; freeing up vital time for the human resources team and the employees.


mi Contractor

With the mi Contractor application, the employment of contractors and temporary workers on an individual or company basis is centrally managed.  This avoids a team of people from HR having to make sure that all contractors have signed all appropriate documentation, undergone all training, and are compliant and fit for work.

It also enables contractors to help themselves, allowing access to what they need at their fingertips and giving them ownership and engagement with the business. This is something which temporary workers often don’t benefit from. It’s great for wellbeing and encouraging personal responsibility regarding meeting regulations within the workplace.

With total visibility of contractors, their levels of compliance, qualifications and workload, it’s easier to manage them, keep them safe and help them to do their jobs.

All pre-employment information can also be made available to them and the platform can  be used to organise permits and authorisation which ensures that people only have access to locations they should safely be in without too much laborious admin.


mi Safety

The mi Safety application simplifies the complexities of health and safety management across all departments and functions including incident and accident, COSHH, plant monitoring and risk assessment. It also records and provides access to safety documents for easy access and reminder guides. This is great for someone out in the field who wants a quick refresher regarding health and safety policies.

Reports of all accidents and incidents are listed and, in addition, any necessary follow up activities, ensuring that all necessary regulations are met. It keeps track of all area safety inspections which are recorded and measured and reminders can be set for any required tasks or delegated to other departments. All risk management documentation, reports and work is also listed here.


mi Health

The mi Health application records and manages all of your business occupational health information, including audiometry, spirometry, forklift truck and night work assessments. Companies can even develop their own bespoke assessments that can be fine-tuned to perfectly fit business requirements.

Again, the platform automatically flags up any issues, warnings and reminders to ensure compliance is always met.  All documentation can be housed in the assessment library – where it is easily stored and accessed and all information is kept securely in one place.

Lastly, but of equal importance to your health and safety requirements, we have mi Audit. This is an in-house audit management system. It allows for large scale data collection and has the functionality in place to adequately analyse that data – measuring and reporting on the performance levels of your current processes and procedures. These audits can be safely stored, creating an audit trail so that anyone with the required access can get a really clear idea of what is already in place and what, if any, changes need to be made. There is also an offline audit component so that all audits can be downloaded and viewed without the Internet.

With so many different services, functions and bolt-ons, all securely housed in a central, easy-to-access system, mi platform really is the business regarding health and safety.

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