In a world where health is wealth, and the safety of your employees is undeniably your responsibility, making health and safety easier and more efficient to manage is not just sensible, it’s paramount.

Who wouldn’t want one handy, slick platform which can record, remind and educate?

Papaya’s mi Platform stores every possible piece of information regarding your health and safety processes in one centralised area. This puts some of your most fundamentally important business information at your fingertips, easily viewed by those with security access on any device. No more chasing your health and safety tail.

In a compliance heavy environment, it can store all the forms required to be read and signed by all workers, including contractors or seasonal workers. This ensures they meet all regulations but also gets them up and out performing their role a lot quicker with a truck load of useful information immediately available.

With our online, up-to-date organisational charts and employee databases listing who is working where, it ensures the health and safety of your employees, remote workers and customers. It keeps a log of who has undertaken the necessary training to operate in each function and can show any incidents or accidents that have taken place, flagging a pattern if there is an issue. Also noting any follow up activities and training required.

In addition to listing exactly what training and qualifications each employee in each department has, it also details an employee’s personal development plan and what they are working towards. This allows you to accurately forecast future skill sets and ensure that your business is adapting and progressing in line with or ahead of competitors.

Even with all training and development in place (and up to date), it’s great to have prompts and checklists available for all workers as a daily reminder of their responsibilities or even how to keep safe. These can also be stored on the platform as a quick point of reference.

That’s a lot of functionality and, without mi Platform, a ridiculous amount of data and documents to attempt to disseminate, analyse and act upon, let alone file and store, just to get people performing in their role. This would have to be done by a team of over worked, over stressed people who are tasked with perhaps the most important job in any business; to keep people safe.

A quick look at HSE statistics regarding illness, accidents and prosecutions in the workplace shows just how important it is to get this aspect of your business running efficiently and smoothly with a central place to store all information to demonstrate your commitment to the cause.

Being regulator compliant and optimising employee wellbeing is key to a healthy business. Keep yours safe and take a quick, free tour of mi Platform. You won’t be disappointed.

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