From learning and development, health and safety, through to compliance and auditing, Papaya enables businesses to streamline and enhance internal procedures for training and reporting, all via a single platform.

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HR Automation, it’s a mini guide!

Your mini guide on how to get the most out of HR automation Hi. Thanks for reading this how-to guide. Your interest suggests that you are curious about automation and want to make sure that you tackle it correctly. That’s really smart. Whilst adopting more technology...

Shadow IT: HR and Training – It’s your turn

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, you are forgiven for thinking ‘Shadow IT’ might refer to something ominous, something a bit ‘Dark Webby’. After all, things that move and operate in the shadows are rarely wholesome. Camel spiders, for example, live most of their...

The benefits of e-learning

It's taking the world by storm. It saves time, frees up resource and has proven commercial benefits with its ROI. View our new...

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